House Renovation Beaumaris


Welcome to our detailed guide on house renovation project in Beaumaris.

1. Design and Drawings

The first stage of any successful home renovation is the development of detailed designs and drawings. Our team at Segval collaborates with skilled architects to create innovative and functional designs tailored to the unique needs of each client. This phase involves meticulous planning of spatial layouts, aesthetic elements, and structural enhancements, ensuring every aspect of the renovation is captured on paper before any physical work begins.

2. Client Approval

Once the initial designs and drawings are ready, they are presented to the client for approval. This step is crucial as it ensures that the homeowner’s vision aligns with the planned renovation. At Segval, we prioritize client satisfaction and encourage detailed discussions to refine and adjust the designs as needed, ensuring all expectations are met with precision.

3. Removal of Old Parts

The physical transformation begins with the removal of old and outdated components of the home. This includes dismantling unwanted walls, fixtures, and finishes. Our Melbourne builders handle this process with care to minimize disruption and ensure that all materials are disposed of responsibly, paving the way for a fresh start.

4. Start of Construction Work

With a clean slate, the construction phase commences. This step is where the vision starts to take physical shape. Our team ensures that the structural integrity of the home is reinforced, new constructions are compliant with local building codes, and that the highest safety standards are maintained throughout.

5. Re-walling

Re-walling involves constructing new walls and possibly rearranging the layout to better suit the modern living requirements. High-quality materials are used to ensure longevity and insulation, supporting both the aesthetic and functional upgrades of the home.

6. Electricity and Plumbing

Renovation isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about ensuring efficiency and safety. Upgrading electrical wiring and plumbing is a critical component. Our skilled electricians and plumbers install modern, safe, and energy-efficient systems. This stage is crucial for preparing the groundwork for high-tech kitchens and luxurious bathrooms.

7. Tiling and Finishing

Tiling and the application of finishes bring the visible transformation of the space. We select premium tiles and finishing materials that reflect the homeowner’s style while ensuring durability. This phase requires meticulous attention to detail to achieve the desired aesthetic appeal and functional quality.

8. Installation of New Kitchen and Storage Space

Kitchen renovation is often at the heart of a home makeover. Our Melbourne builders and designers work together to create a kitchen space that is not only beautiful but also highly functional. From modern cabinetry and cutting-edge appliances to efficient storage solutions, every element is crafted to enhance cooking and social experiences.

9. Bathrooms

The renovation of bathrooms focuses on creating a space that offers comfort and luxury. Our bathroom renovations incorporate modern fixtures, water-efficient systems, and elegant tiling, turning these spaces into private retreats that align with the latest trends and sustainability standards.

10. Open Space and Dining Room

The final stages of renovation include the open space and dining areas, which are designed to offer a seamless flow and connectivity between different areas of the house. These spaces are tailored to encourage interaction among family and guests, featuring comfortable and stylish design elements that make the house feel like a home.

11. Final Result

The culmination of a Beaumaris house renovation project is a beautifully updated home that respects its original charm while embracing modernity. At Segval, we ensure that the final result exceeds our clients’ expectations, offering them a rejuvenated space that enhances their lifestyle and increases the value of their property.

Embarking on a house renovation in Melbourne, especially in areas like Beaumaris, can significantly improve your living environment and property value. With Segval Building Company, your renovation journey is in expert hands, from the initial design to the stunning completion.